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About Us

Born from long days, and longer nights, the hellphy lifestyle lives in all of us. Founded in 2019, by Nitro Circus athlete Brandon Schmidt, and his close group of friends, a vision to bring together the best aspects of action sports, bad decisions, and good times; was given life.

Brandon is the definition of sending it, and embodies the hellphy life like no other. Whether he is sending world firsts on tour, getting sent to the hospital, or hitting the clubs, there is one thing that remains the same... getting hellphy.

Our vision is to highlight and empower the adrenaline-filled athletes and personalities who are fueled by the act of sending it, and getting sent. We are always on the lookout for those living the #hellphylife , and often work with individuals and crews to bring their stories to light.

Think you've got a story, or content that is hellphy? We'd love to see it, and you just might end up finding yourself on our blog or instagram feed! Please see our Submit page, or send all of your content to submissions@hellphy.com !!!