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Justin Molea: "Roof Gap to Leg Flop"

Posted by Brandon Schmidt on

Justin Molea: "Roof Gap to Leg Flop"

What’s your name and what do you do?
Justin Molea ,  professional bmx racer.

What happened to you recently while riding?
Recently I snapped my tibia / fibula which resulted in spending 10 days in the hospital.

What made you attempt this? 
The fact that no one has landed the roof gap before made me hungry to send it , haha .

After the crash you could tell how much pain you were in, how soon were you brought to the hospital?
Instantly knew I broke my leg soon as I hit the ground , the pain was there but it was manageable with my homies being right there . I was at the hospital within an hour of the crash which felt like a lifetime haha 

What was the list of injury’s from the accident?
Fractured tibia and fibula , acute compartment syndrome / external fixator / skin graft , fractured humorous.

Will you try it again? 
I want to say yes but after trying it 3 times all fails I’ll have to see what the future brings for the drop .. heard the mall just sold to a new company hopefully the drop stays. 

What’s next for for Justin?
To stay heLLphy and to keep pushing my riding to hopefully spend some time with you guys on the nitro ramps! 

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