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Dante Hutchinson - "Backflip El Toro 20 Stair"

Posted by Hellphy Admin on

Dante Hutchinson - "Backflip El Toro 20 Stair"

Whats your name and what do you do?
My names Danté Hutchinson & I ride Scooters Professionally.

How long have you been scootering? How long professionally?
I have been scootering since I was 8 years old, but professional at 13 years old.

What brought you to the idea of flipping down the famous El Toro stair set?
It has always been on my mind to backflip El Toro, but even to just jump it straight no tricks was a dream for me! to flip it was unbelievable and still feels insane that I just rode away, all I had in my mind on the day was just slow the rotation down & just believe in myself n just go for it.

How many attempts did it take, and were there any issues you faced while attempting?
I grabbed it 2nd go! which I’m still really happy of because I was thinking before my first attempt I may really badly hurt myself from this. but I kept my belief..

What has the feed back been like from the action sports community?
It’s been crazy like everyone in the whole word has seen it & the clip blew on the internet. & I’m just proud of myself for believing I could do it. Always put you’re mind to things!🙌🏽

Shortly after your video was released the stair set was finally torn down and Removed after over 20 years of heLLphy, do you feel that you went to hard and are partially to blame lol?
It’s a hard one to say really, I don’t know if they were already going to rebuild the stairs before I done the flip el toro, I’ll be lucky if that’s the case but I really don’t know I COULD be the blame but hey at least it’s a blame that I can live on forever!!

What’s next for Dante Hutchinson?
Just to be the same person. Having fun, trying to push my limits & to film my video part! also to hang with the legends again at Nitro Circus!🙌🏽

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