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Axel Kovach - "Broken Femur x2"

Posted by Hellphy Admin on

Axel Kovach - "Broken Femur x2"

What’s your name and what do you do? 
My name is Axel Kovach, I’m going to be a sophomore in high school and I’m a competitive skier.

What were you trying when you had your crash? 
I was skiing in steamboat and decided to try and backflip the second jump in the big large line at steamboat. I over shot the jump to the flats and landed on my neck and Scorpioned after a 64 ft vertical drop.

How old were you when you had your crash?
I was 13 when i had my injury about three years ago

What was the list of injury’s?
From the crash i had broke both my femurs, my left acetabulum (left hip socket),  i compressed my T1, and T11 vertebrae, along with a major concussion.

How long did the recovery process take?
I was in a wheelchair for a month or two and then went to crutches for three months before i could walk. I wasn’t able to do physically intensive activity for a few months and now can do everything i was able to. I still have pains in my left hip and knee but am able to do the activity regardless.

Will you ever ski again? 
I’ve been skiing again for the last two years and have improved upon from where i was prior to the crash. I have done everything i was able to do and more.

What next for Axel?  
I will continue to ski competing in big mountain events with IFSA and more than likely will start competing with USASA in slope stlyle. 

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